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Webshop Package

 Included in this Webshop package is:

  • A modern responsive webshop created using WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You will receive a shop category product page, SSL certificate, enabling safe and secure card payment for shoppers utilising the Stripe payment system and optional PayPal system.
  • To help get you started, we will create 1 main category, with 2 subcategories, each containing 1 demo product.  For example, master category – Ladies wear, subcategories – Dresses and Shoes. In the Shoe subcategory, we will create Shoe demo product-1 and in the subcategory Dresses, Dress demo product-1.
  • Your webshop will have an SSL certificate or secure socket layer that will show your customers that it is safe to shop at your site. We create these certificates using a let’s encrypt system which will automatically renew at no charge.
  • Your shop design will be created using the Divi builder, this allows you to update, add or replace content and products with ease. There is no limit to the number of products or categories that you can create, however, a start-up webshop is limited to 5 gigabytes of storage. Additional space can be purchased at a minimal cost.
  • All of our webshops are hosted with the hosting company SiteGround that specialises in hosting WordPress/Divi webshops.
  • Your webshop will benefit further by being connected through Cloudflare, the content delivery network that will effectively and speedily deploy your content worldwide.

How does it all work?  What’s the process

First, choose any variations or extras that you would like to add to the basic package. (Eg: additional pages or maintenance).

  • Complete the purchase order form and make payment using your debit or credit card.
  • Once payment is received, you will receive 2 emails. The first will be our welcome email and the second will be the receipt for your order.
  • Contained within the welcome email is a link to our domain and email information page. Here we will gather details of your domain name or your desired domain name which we will purchase on your behalf. (Please note that domain names are subject to availability.) You will be asked to provide 3 options or variations on your chosen domain name. If your desired name is unavailable, we will contact you to discuss your options). You will also be asked for your desired email addresses. You may choose up to 3 – unless you have ordered additional email addresses on the variations page.
  • Your domain name will be purchased in your name through our domain registration company. We will create an account for you and email the login details to you. Your domain name will require renewal every 12 months. (The price will be approximately the same as your first payment).
  • Once your domain name is active we will point it to our hosting server and active your package. Worldwide propagation can take between 4 and 24 hours.
  • While we wait for propagation, we will complete your website installation of WordPress and Divi in a staging area on our server, where your build will take place.
  • Once your webshop build is completed and the demo content created, we will offer to make your site live or leave it as a staging site until you have created your products. When you are ready we will make your site live, leaving the staging area active for you to test ideas, product layouts and plugins.
  • Once live, a backup copy of your webshop will be created on the server. A second copy will be uploaded to a Google Drive for additional security.
  • We create a Google drive for all clients, not only for your backup security but also to hold emails should a disaster happen, you can have peace of mind knowing that all emails are forwarded to this Google drive.
  • Once completed we will email the Google drive login information to you and ask you to log in and change the password, so that only you have access!

£699 incl v.a.t

This is a one-time payment, after which you will own your webshop!

You will pay nothing yearly for the use of Divi, WordPress or WooCommerce. Your only expense in year two will be for your domain name and hosting.

If you choose to leave Payonce, you must purchase your own Divi License and hosting.


All of the text that you require to be inserting into the webshop must be provided in a Microsoft word document, with headings clearly identifying the page where it is to be inserted. You can, of course, change, edit or re-design any content or page as you desire.

Images are required in one of these formats: .jpg, jpeg or png. We will optimise the images to ensure speedy loading of your webpages.

Video tutorials are available on how to create and manage a WooCommerce webshop. We believe these are the best and simplest way to familiarise new webshop pioneers.

We provide the very best products available


The worlds most popular (cms) control management system. Pre-installed & ready to use

Divi Theme

Licensed via our lifetime account, complete with the Divi drag & drop builder installed


Our chosen E-commerce system, fully compatible with WordPress & with Divi compatibility


We host all our websites and webshops with SiteGround hosting who specialise in Divi hosting and Woocommerce

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